‘Your phone, my life’ is about the untold history of mobile telecommunications, an adventure.

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You’ve been invited to join us in a session as we unpack another topic from Ineke Botter’s book, “Your phone, my life”. Business DNA: Would you be able to define your business DNA? In the ever-evolving economic landscape, understanding your organization’s DNA is crucial.

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In today’s rapidly evolving global landscape, different industries and countries face a myriad of complex challenges. Economic down turns, technological failures, natural disasters, disruption following war and civil unrest often seem insurmountable.

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To ensure the success of a project, selecting the right candidates to work on it is vital. Selecting individuals with the necessary skills, experience, and expertise can be time-consuming and challenging. However, carefully evaluating potential team members will pay off in the long run by increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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In today’s digitalized world, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges as they have to adapt to rapidly evolving technologies and shifting consumer expectations. In the next webinar, we discuss some of the TOPICS from ‘Your phone, my life’ with a focus on management challenges in the digitalized world.

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How do you ensure that you withstand relentless pressure in volatile political environments? In today’s interconnected global landscape, businesses operating in politically volatile areas must be prepared for unexpected disruptions and navigate complex socio-political environments.

Storytime 1:

‘Your phone, my life: or, how did that phone land in your hand’ – is the untold story of the history of the mobile telecommunications industry. My adventure started in 1991 in the USSR, Ukraine and since then I held senior management positions in Eastern and Western Europe, in Kosovo, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Haiti and now I’m ‘semi-retired’ living in East Africa where I support young people in realizing their dreams.

Storytime 2:

There are currently around 1000 mobile networks globally, and for many years Ms. Botter was one of the very few female CEO’s in the mobile industry. She is the first to give us an insight into this unknown world where many stakeholders have enormous, vested interests.

Storytime 3:

‘Leaders who are used to ‘dangerous environments’ are prepared. Preparation of a robust disaster plan is key.’ How do you, as a leader, lead in times of chaos? How do you function in times of extreme stress? Can your team rely on you?

Book Launch:

‘Your phone, my life: or, how did that phone land in your land’ – is the story and adventure of how the world built its mobile networks over the past 30 years. The authors’ journey started in the USSR, Ukraine, where she, as part of a team, negotiated with the Minister of Telecommunications of a country with virtually no telecom infrastructure.