Ineke Botter on How To Navigate Uncertainty.

Written By: Industry Leaders’ publication

Ineke Botter is an author, consultant and a thought leader on the topic of leadership. In this interview, she shares insights with The Industry Leaders about how to navigate uncertainty as a business leader.


August 15, 2023

The great telecom tower sell-off

Written By: Paul Lipscombe, Data Centre Dynamics 

Telecommunications infrastructure is a busy sector, with more mergers and acquisitions than ever.


August 15, 2023

Memoir of a CEO : ‘Your phone, my life’

Written By: Industry Leaders’ publication

Ineke Botter was born in the Netherlands and studied corporate and international law at the University of Amsterdam.


Ineke Botter of Botter Enterprises: Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Uncertain & Turbulent Times

Written By: Authority Magazine

Be aware that you can’t panic or lose the plot because that means that people get confused and that will cause real chaos. Try to be calm and composed…


August 4, 2023

A day in the life of Ineke Botter, author, Your Phone, My Life

Written By: Safeer Malik, Capacity Media.

An industry veteran and one of the few female CEOs in telecoms, Ineke Botter has held integral roles in


March 16, 2023

Mobiele telefonie-pionier Ineke Botter: ‘We waren cowboys’

Written By: Nicole Gommers, SER Topvrouwen.

Slechts bij een select groepje mensen doet de naam Ineke Botter een belletje rinkelen – en dat is eigenlijk


January 20, 2023


Institute for IT professionals – South Africa:

In the IITPSA Social & Ethics Committee and Women in IT webinar on Ethics at Work, mobile industry veteran Ineke Botter shared how digitization of critical business processes assists in motivating ethical behaviour in companies.

Mobile UK – Live better connected series:

Telecommunications leader and book author, Ineke Botter joins the Live Better Connected podcast to discuss her motivations for writing the novel ‘Your Phone, My Life’, her career in the telecommunications industry and offers some fascinating insights into experiences she encountered.